Security Advisory – Keep device firmware up to date to defend against network attacks

Date:2017-09-30 Browse:1623
Dahua has recently received reports from customers in multiple countries about Dahua devices being attacked by cyber hackers. We found most of these attacks were carried out by using default device passwords or based on known vulnerabilities, which we had released updated firmware to fix. Dahua strongly recommends that customers change their default password and upgrade their device firmware to the latest version ASAP. Firmware updates can be obtained from Dahua technical support or downloaded from the Dahua website

If your device is still using the default password, please change it immediately. For any cybersecurity related questions or concerns, please contact Dahua at or your local Dahua technical support team, who will respond to customer enquiries and assist with upgrades.

Dahua has provided tips and recommendations on how to harden network security, which can be found here: