Display/screen Product Sales

【Job Description】

1, responsible for the company's product sales, including business negotiations, contract negotiations, demand survey analysis, official business, project verification;
2, develop detailed requirements of the project program, confirm the detailed demand report.
3, responsible for market development and sales management, and responsible for the establishment of customer channels, and maintaining a cooperated relation with customers.

【Job Requirements】
1, work experience in advertising media enterprise, or integrator, or visualization product manufacturers; operation experience of large-scale project;
2, major in marketing or engineering, Bachelor’s Degree or above. Familiar with computer knowledge and network knowledge, skilled at computer operation (office of the office software);
3, independently develop and manage customers and channels, understand customer needs;

4, work experience in large screen ,telecommunication and related enterprise, familiar with the media, buildings, public security, education, transportation and other industries visualization products and media projects and direct customer;
5, familiar with industry channels and social relations in the area, and have a good personal relationship in UAE.

6, Valid UAE Driving License to be required.

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