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Project Name            SmartPSS

Version                      V2.00.1


Farsi, Arabic, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Traditional Chinese, Hebrew, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch, Italian, German, Czech, Slovakia, Hungarian, Polish, Bulgarian, Greek, Romanian, Albanian, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Brazil Portuguese

Date                          Release date of this version

Base Platform            V2.00.0

Operation Platform   Microsoft Windows XP/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10(32/64 bit)

New Functions
    1. 34 languages
    2. Installation by Windows administrator, operation by non-Windows administrator
    3. System Setting
      a) New audio NR level options
      b) Default preview stream setup
    4. Preview
      a) 180 degree fisheye
    5. TV Wall
      a) Decoder splicing, roaming(device support required)

Revised Function
    1.  Auto time sync setup with new prompt
    2.  Fixed HCVR compatibility in zero channel preview function, now you can set split, channel to preview
    3. Fixed invalid direction control after zooming when PTZ controls speed dome on NVR
    4.  If user select non-fisheye channel when setting master-slave tracking for NVR channel, it will prompt
    5.  When previewing video channel on e-map, user can drag window position on map
    6.  When previewing video channel on e-map, user may control PTZ if it is speed dome channel
    7.  Speed after adjustment shown on playback bar
    8.  Fixed frame skip when playing from one file to another
    9.  Enter PC-NVR module, click “Here” to add, client will auto add
    10. Event configure linked video, default video streams of tour plan are all sub streams now

Note 1
This version cannot be compatible with device program before intelligentization, if to use the intelligent CFG, alarm-related features, please upgrade the device program to the assorted version.
Note 2
This version only support NVR/HCVR/IPC/EVS/PTZ/NKB/NVD/M70, and we will support VDP/Access Control in V2.01 which may be released in May. Watch this space, and we will give U more surprise.