Dahua Technology Opens a Subsidiary in Moscow, Russia

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HANGZHOU, China /August 21, 2017 Dahua Technology, a leading solution provider in global video surveillance industry, announces the establishment of its subsidiary in Moscow, Russia. Dahua Technology Rus is the first Dahua subsidiary company in the CIS market and all future activities regarding sales, marketing and other services within the region will be managed from here. Dahua VP, General Manager of Dahua Overseas Business, Mr. Michael Chen, Deputy Director of Dahua CIS Market, Mr. Zhao Shengbo, the Minister of the Embassy of People’s Republic of China in Russia Federation, Mr. Zhang Xiao, and President of the Russian-Asian Union of Industrials and Entrepreneurs, Mr. Vitaly MONKEVICH took part in the opening ceremony of Dahua Technology Rus.

Dahua Technology Rus Management and its Distinguished Guests Cutting the Ribbon in the Opening Ceremony

Headquartered in China, Dahua just made one step further in its path of globalization. Dahua Technology Rus will offer all Dahua video surveillance solutions and services to Commonwealth of Independence States (CIS) Market, including Advanced Video Surveillance System, Intelligent Transportation Solutions, Smart Building Solutions, Access Control, Video Intercom, Alarm, Smart Lock, etc. These products and solutions could be widely applied in many fields, such as retail, schools, hotel, banking, city security &traffic management, intelligent building and intelligent-transportation. In addition to the comprehensive portfolio, Dahua’s experienced local experts will provide pre-sales support regarding technical solution consultation, warranty & post-sales support services to CIS clients.

Mr. Michael Chen Giving a Welcome Speech

“The main objectives are to create awareness of the company’s advent in CIS market and to demonstrate its technological prowess in the video surveillance field by providing an attractive and enjoyable viewing and 'hands-on' experience of its products”, said Mr. Michael Chen after cutting the ribbon at the opening ceremony in the Northern Tower (a business center) in Moscow, unveiling the company’s broad vision.

Commenting on the successful opening of Dahua Technology Rus, Mr. Zhao Shengbo, Deputy Director of Dahua CIS Market, said, “It was a great success. The response to our entry in CIS Market and to our video surveillance solutions have been marvelous. We made our presence quite clearly and emphatically. Our solutions received excellent reception from all customers on site. We also acquired better understanding of the needs and concerns of our customers. They were interactive, inspirational and impressive and helped us to propel our brand. Sales turnover in the territory of the Russian Federation is very good last year and is expected make considerable growth this year. ”

Mr. Zhang Xiao and Mr. Vitaly MONKEVICH Wishing Dahua Technology Rus A Bright Future

Dahua has been serving the CIS market since 2008. Throughout the years, it has gathered numerous partners who are all major market players. To better serve them, Dahua will organize roadshows and workshops to present unique solutions customized for the CIS market.

The grand opening of Dahua Technology Rus demonstrates Dahua’s commitment to serve customers in the CIS market and to make a further step in globalization. Dahua Russian showroom and service station have been opened to better serve local customers. With a mission of “Safer Society, Smarter Living”, Dahua will continue to focus on “Innovation, Quality, and Service” to serve partners and customers around the world.